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Sports, Politics, Pop Culture--From the Minds of Twenty-Somethings

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Weekly Gambling Debacle

NFL: 43-40-0 NCAA: 2-7-0 Last week: 6-7-0 Season total: 45-47-0

$ Wagered: 1625 $ Won: 675.5 $ Lost: -970.5 $Net: -294.5

A great weekend for football; LSU vs. Alabama, a whole truckload of NFL matchups that we are super excited to see at the 3Trifecta. In honor of this great weekend of football I am going to keep this article short and sweet. We both don’t need fillers when we have such a great weekend of football. In honor of this great weekend and the fact that I love this week’s lines, Bold prediction #6: This will be my best week of picking of the season. I love the lines this week and am looking to make a killing so here we go:

NFL (Lines as of Friday, November 4, 2011 per Las Vegas Hilton. Home Team in bold).

Atlanta (-7) over Indianapolis

The colts haven’t kept a game close against a good team and despite what the media says Atlanta is still a good team.

Tampa Bay (+8) over New Orleans

I am not sure how I’m doing it but I’m picking against the Saints. They are going to win still, but Tampa Bay is a good road team and should keep this one close against a division rival.

Houston (10.5) over Cleveland

The Browns are bad; Houston is on a roll and is getting Andre Johnson this week. The game kinda scares me as I can see it being a let-down after a couple of satisfying wins for the Texans.

Buffalo (-2) over NY Jets

NY teams tend to get a little too much money thrown their way and this is keeping this line surprisingly low. Buffalo is coming off shutting out Washington. The Jets have been terrible against good teams on the road (0-3) this year and should have lost to both the Chargers and Cowboys at home if their respective quarterbacks had not committed inexcusable and untimely turnovers in the 4th quarter.

Miami (+4) over Kansas City

KC comes off a big comeback win on Monday night, and plays a team that has covered the last 20 of 26 on the road ATS. Might be a let-down game for KC. Miami gets Daniel Thomas back and could be an upset winner in Arrowhead.

San Francisco (-3) over Washington D.C.

Am I missing something or isn’t San Fran a better team than Buffalo? Buffalo’s weak defense just shut out a hapless Redskins team that would be struggling if it was not injury plagued. The fact that they are only adds to this team’s problems.

Seattle (+11.5) over Dallas

Somehow Tavaris Jackson is playing surprisingly well in a no huddle offense. I know that isn’t saying much, but it should be just enough (that and Seattle’s surprisingly good defense) to keep this game in single digits.

Oakland (-7) over Denver

I’ll take Palmer and the Raiders’ run offense over a Tebow led offense.

Cincinnati (-3) over Tennessee

Take Cincy to win outright. They have a good D and the Titans lack explosive playmakers on offense. Benson is back and Dalton should continue to put up solid numbers with his full arsenal of weapons back and playing.

St. Louis (+2.5) over Arizona

NY Giants (+9) over New England

The Patriots are big favorites over a 5-2 team. Why is this? Bradshaw and Nicks are looking doubtful to play for the Giants, giving the Pats a definite edge. But the Giants have Eli playing good this season, a great pass rush and a former starter back up in Brandon Jacobs, ready and willing to step in and pound the rock for the men in blue. I see them keeping it close in Foxsboro.

San Diego (+5.5) over Green Bay

Pittsburgh (+3) over Baltimore

Chicago (+7.5) over Philadelphia

*These last three games are great and interesting matchups to watch just not as interesting for wagering.

Picks to place money on: (All money wagers are $55 to win $50 unless otherwise noted)

*Just to clarify based on some questions that I have been asked:

-Wagering= Games I am telling you to put money onto/am betting myself.

-Near bets= Games that I was close to betting.

-Kryptonite= Games I am terrified of and you could not force me to gamble on.

Wagering: Buffalo, Miami, San Francisco and Cincinnati on the moneyline ($50 to win $75).

Near bets: Pittsburgh.

Kryptonite: NY Giants, St. Louis

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