Sports, Politics, Popculture--From the Minds of Twenty-Somethings

Sports, Politics, Pop Culture--From the Minds of Twenty-Somethings

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Couple Degrees of Seperation

"A Couple Degrees of Separation"

By: Julissa Hernandez

    On September 7th, we watched the Good Ol’ Party (GOP) go at it once again to vie for the Republican presidential nomination. While each of these candidates has their own cultivated specialty in the field of stupidity, one of the topics that was most interesting and laughable to a room filled with UCSB students, was the issue of state mandated vaccinations. The vaccine in question is the HPV shot and is supported by none other than our Good Ol’ Governor of Texas Rick Perry. The HPV vaccine is given to girls from the ages of 12-18 in order to help derail the harmful effects of Human Papillomavirus, a STI that can eventually lead to cervical cancer in woman. The Tea Party’s lovely Michelle Bachmann described the procedure as invasive and abusive to young girls. Well if you do not want your children to partake in the free public education system, then go right ahead and subject your 5 children and supposed 23 foster kids to the harms of HPV and every other government mandated vaccine, just because of a small prick to the arm. How about instead of assuming your angelic children are never going to have unprotected sex, you assume they will and you protect them. That is real parenting. Call me socialistic but giving the idiots of America the choice of opting out of potentially life saving vaccines all because of stubborn ideals, just adds to my reasons of wanting Obama around for a second term.
Another group of people who liked to rain on Obama’s parade were the Salahis, if you all remember this is the fame whoring couple that crashed the White House in November of 2009. In an attempt to regain their time in tabloids and blogs around the world Mr. Tareq Salahi reported his wife Michaele Salahi as missing and apparently kidnapped. But low and behold, he just comes to the realization that his wife has left him for another man and no not just any man but a rock star; one of THE rock stars, lead guitarist from Journey Neil Schon. Not only is Tareq Salahi branded as the “White House Crasher” but also now he just got dumped…for a rock star.
The producer of “Real Housewives”, for which we saw the intimate lives of the Salahis, Andy Cohen also participated in hosting the Miss Universe 2011 contest. Not only does this man produce some of the most ridiculous shows on TV but he decides to host an essential pig competition for the world fair. The most well bred woman was decided to be Miss Angola and the revered crown went to her. And while her win did shine some positivity to her country, it still should not distract from the country’s current economic state.
Despite the country’s booming economic gold mine in oil, most Angolans live well below the poverty line. Angola’s developmental indicators are “iffy” at best and are improving far too slowly since the end of the civil war in 2002, leaving the unanswered question as to how well the country will translate into a sustainable and stable economy. Angola’s perception of wealth and stability is far too distorted at this point by the immediate and seemingly good effects that the economy is reaping by the domination of oil and time will only tell the permanent effects of their booming new commodity.
Another group who was dominated by oil would be none other than the Bush Administration and despite all those who believe in all the conspiracy theories it has come to that time where we salute and remember September 11th. A time where even I must say President Bush, along with the rest of the country, showed great strength in the face of adversity. This ten-year anniversary shoes the resilience of this nation and how life simply moves on. So whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or a kooky Tea Partier, we can all come together in times such as September 11th to support and come together for a nation we all truly love. And regardless of your political allegiance just stay informed on the political campaign topics. It does not matter what side you’re on as long as you are educated on your position. Be involved and lets all contribute to keeping democracy as it was intended to be.

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